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Merlene Ellis

Artist’s Bio

Merlene Ellis, born and residing in Guyana, is an internationally acclaimed artist. Ellis is a watercolorist who also paints on canvas with a unique self-taught impasto application using oil and acrylic medium.   Seventeen of Ellis’ paintings are part of the Guyana National Collection of Guyana.  Acquired paintings are in institutional collections, private collections locally, regionally and internationally. In 2013 Ellis was honored by the Guyana Cultural Association of New York, and awarded with a plaque and two City Council Citation Statements for Originality and Production of Cultural Themes.


Artist’s Statement

I create art to pay homage to memory, history, spirit, humanity, family and the ever changing evolution.  As an artist, Merlene Ellis uses personal expressions and public observations. She depicts social gatherings, still life, landscapes, people and their living experiences and the diversity of contemporary expression. People in a park enjoying the summer heat after a long winter. The monochromatic intense ‘’yellow’’ heightens perception of sunshine, and is also a symbolic colour used for – summer.

- Merlene Ellis

Georgetown, Guyana

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