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Lois Moore-Blackwell

Artist's Bio

Lois Moore-Blackwell is a former Ford-Rockefeller-Kellogg fellow who received her doctoral degree from The George Washington University in Higher Education and Three Dimensional Design. She studied Commercial Design with emphasis on textiles and fashion under the Late Lois M. Jones  --  Howard University, College of Fine Arts.  As Assistant Professor, she taught the fashion arts at the University of DC; visual arts in DC Public Schools, and Morgan State University.  Lois served as Community Coordinator at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, recruiting artistically talented students; created and wrote press releases and brochures for productions.  Lois was also Assistant Professor who taught writing to freshmen students at the Department of English, The George Washington University.



The fifth month of the year is MAY, and is set aside to celebrate and pay tribute to the "GOLDEN" years of our elders.  Mother's Day is also celebrated in May.  We acknowledge, extend our gratitude and honor our parents, relatives, friends, professors, teachers, and to all who taught and guided us along the way.  The word "GOLDEN" reflects history, respect, beautiful memories, knowledge, wisdom, aging, passion, wealth, love, courage and many more.

-Lois Moore-Blackwell

Columbia, Maryland

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