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Cedric Baker

Artist’s Bio

The Artist, Cedric Baker was born in North Carolina and migrated to New York City when he was a child and spent most of his youthful years traveling back to the Carolinas from time to time to connect with family. As a young man he served his country by enlisting in the United States Air Force. He used his G.I. bill to pursue his education and the dream of becoming an artist. 


He studied painting and drawing at Sacramento City College. After three years at Sacramento he transferred to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Cedric was influenced by Expressionist Artists of the Bay Area in Northern California. Expressionism remains an influence in his work but he has also created abstract paintings that are vibrant and speak to his multiple explorations of his talent as an artist.



I'm a student of art history and after working at the National Gallery in Washington D.C., of course, the influence of the early masters of painting played a part in how I see, but it's the African American spiritual experience that influences both my figurative and abstract artwork.


- Cedric Baker

Dale City, Virginia

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