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Elena Gaston-Nicolas


Elena Gaston-Nicolas


I was born 4 years later May 68; I attended the beginning of political freedoms all this awoke up my social conscience. At my parents’ house use to come colorful people: Artists, poets, philosophers, athletes and socially committed people. My sister died when I was 13. This, and my family dissolution few years later, have given me Inner fortress and emotional self-sufficiency. Travels across Europe have broadened my horizons; I lived in Sweden, 1984, and in Paris with my brother on 1986.
I studied Fine Arts in the 80’s in Barcelona. I attended natural childbirths when I had my son. Working as a teacher has allowed me perform and to carry out collective projects. I am a spiritual seeker and consciousness awakener (a light keeper).


Guardian of the planet. Multidimensional Artist, Soul’s Ambassador. My 80’s Eleneusinos sketches, culminated with Abstract Art Ordination in 2004. I articulate my workaround The Three Ways of Spiritual Knowledge: I believe that in Nature is all there is to know. I love ancient Greece, Renaissance, literature, and encyclopedic thinking. I drank in the sources of Surrealism, Informalism, Abstract Expressionism and later Trans-vanguard, Land Art, Fluxus & Performance; I love Impressionism, fauvism, expressionism and Metaphysical Art. I think the world needs a paradigm shift a return to nature to re-find himself. I am Classica, oneiric, immediate, and emotional. I have worked in artistic organizations and theater groups. I like Reform-experimentation teaching activities. I involve my students in environmental awareness creations. My art is whole-hearted.

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The Tea-Drinking Weaver, Mary Faith Par Excellence

One of the most ancient crafts of mankind, the high and low loom.

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The Geisha with the Soul at the Surface of the Skin

Japanese performance artists and entertainers trained in traditional performing arts styles, such as dance, music and singing, as well as being proficient conversationalists and hosts.

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Elena Gaston-Nicolas

United States

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Zuñi Girl in Blue, Journeys to the Higher Self

From Edward S. Curtis' Mother Earth, Father Sky. A message of rootedness in Nature and in the sacred dimension of the world.

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Yogini Ofelia

Will. Love, and Wisdom Contemplation and spirituality...Heaven and earth...Enthusiasm and creativity...Light and enlightenment itself...absorption, reflection and meditation. "They follow the path of the mysterious wind when the gods enter into them." -Karel Werner

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