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natasha nicole


Natasha Nicole is a visual artist from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Creating images to express herself, her work allows her to make sense of the world around her. Natasha Nicole's portraits invite the viewer to see the beauty in what society attempts to portray as ugly.  Natasha Nicole founded Sew Distinc, Inc., a nonprofit organization for underserved children in which she utilizes the arts as a catalyst for change. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the illustrious Elizabeth City State University.


For as long as I could recall, art has been the thing I was absolutely certain about. Creating helps me understand myself and the world around me. When I’m unsure, I create. When I’m happy and joyous, I create. When I’m scared, I create. The Butterfly Effect is a product of my uncertainty. This series came about during a time when I questioned my self-worth and identity. I needed to explore the beauty and brilliance of myself and my people during a time when video footage of police murdering unarmed black people seemed to flood social media and news outlets.

The Butterfly Effect is a series of 216 artist trade cards. Each card has a portrait of a person of color on the front and an affirmation on the back. The cards are designed to be shared with others as a form of inspiration and connection. I am essentially interested in creating work that allows the audience to participate and utilize my art as a tool for healing. Like the chaos theory, one somewhat “irrelevant” action has the power to influence the world. That has always been an inspiration for everything I create.






-Natasha Nicole

Richmond, Virginia

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