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Natalie Sobo


I am a Toronto based artist. I've found my passion for acrylic painting very recently. I participate in art exhibitions in Canada and the USA.  After I landed in Canada I had a break from my art for about 15 years. A few years ago I decided to gather myself together and to take the next step in my art.  I joined the Society of Canadian Artists in 2016, and Acrylic Painters USA in 2017. I participate in National and International Juried exhibitions with these organizations.  In November, 2018 I arranged my Solo Exhibition in Toronto, Canada with the Laurier Gallery.  I was honored to be an Award Winner with the Society of Canadian Artists in October, 2018.  I was proud to receive a Certificate of Recognition from Acrylic Painters USA  at their annual Juried exhibition, Bradenton, Florida in February, 2019.
I am thrilled about my art being accepted at Amsterdam Art Show, ADAF 2019, Netherlands, in October, 2019.  I am looking forward to expanding my art throughout Canada, United States, and the International Art Community.


In my artwork, I try to find the sound of color, to hear the color and to make the picture sound. I want to hear the vibration of the colors and tones, the rhythm of the lines and shapes. I try to create visual harmony akin to the auditory sensation that we feel while listening to music. I try to find the right tones, rhythms and vibrations to bring color, shape, and line to create visual music of harmony and happiness.




- Natalie Sobo

Toronto, Ontario

Natalie Sobo.jpg
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