Felicia L. Reed


Felicia Reed is a certified Life Purpose, Spiritual and Christian Coach and Holistic Wellness Advocate, Speaker, Domestic Violence Advocate, Fiber Artist and Quality Management Professional. Ms. Reed has survived every form of abuse starting at the age of 5 to 51. She now works with groups and individuals to promote positive and constructive life changes along with healing modalities hoping to bring about self awareness, inner peace, accountability and hope. Ms. Reed is a member of cyber consortiums, art leagues and domestic violence entities to bring awareness from a grassroots perspective as a survivor.


I design Wet Felted "Healing Wraps" as a result of an answer to my prayer to be wrapped in God's love and protection from abuse at the age of 51. I didn't know how to felt and took a half day class and my gift was revealed. I make Healing Wraps for those wanting a cocoon from harm, illness, transitions, set ups and set backs. I promote swaddling to heal and feel safe. I would love to make a special wrap to display in this exhibit in tribute for all survivors.














-Felicia L. Reed

Upper Marlboro, Maryland


"Be The Love You Deserve" by Felicia L. Reed

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"Build Your Strength" by Felicia L. Reed


"Break The Cycles" by Felicia L. Reed


"Tame The Fear" by Felicia L. Reed


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