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Ernani Silva


Ernani Silva was born in Rio de Janeiro, where he encountered many adversities. At an early age of four Ernani displayed artistic gifts, but his father discouraged any involvement with the arts. When he became a young man, he welcomed the opportunity to relocate to the United States, where he was further encouraged as an artist by Prof. H. Blake of Columbia University. Ernani is multi-lingual and well-regarded in an international audience.


Silva developed a distinctive style which reflects his Brazilian cultural influence of Native lineage. His creations are an amalgam of dance, rhythm, music and color which voice his rich mystical heritage and history. Silva is passionately attracted to the expression and emotion of his traditional music and the spiritualism of Candomble ceremonies and rituals. Silva’s palette is the alchemy of intoxicating opaque colors, as well as incorporating the use of heavy impression to create vibrant lyrical dancing figures. His work speaks a sensual language, which gives the viewer a glimpse of his intense celebrated reality. He has an extensive exhibition, teaching and curatorial experience in a wide variety of venues over a period of forty plus years. His award winning work is on display throughout various galleries worldwide. Ernani Silva is one of the most prolific artists of the 21st century.  He produces only original ©, one-of-a-kind works.  Each piece represents a unique expression of his spiritual vision.


"I appreciate my God-given talent and believe that art is a healing force.” Silva states, “My art is also therapy for me; it is a cathartic force in my life as well as others. My inspiration is life itself by bringing joy, peace and healing through the power of my God-given gift. My paintings are my way of touching an individual spirit and soul. Art took control of my life and healed me from the scars of abuse. I have helped others in their healing process by sharing what I have learned.” Ernani initiated working with underprivileged youth in Rio de Janeiro as well as, in the United States offerings ”Art To Heal Workshops” to children and adults alike.


He has always worked with various mediums creating new textural forms and compositions. Turning trash such as waste paper, empty bottles, broken glass, and discarded lumber into treasures is one of the solutions to the worlds’ problem of environmental pollution. Silva says, “The Earth is a rich palette of living color, which woos every artist and compels him or her to put paint to canvas”. “When we destroy the Earth, we are silencing the magical Muse of nature, tearing at her life and leaving her in despair. Through my “Organic Series” I hope to remind everyone that we are one Creation. We are all organic, one living planet, and we are nature.”  In his latest organic creations, Ernani joyously unifies organic substances with paint to pound out rhythm and release, build depth and texture, pours on passion and sensuality, to infuse the canvas with the sparkling facets of natural color and form.

Ernani Silva

Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

(3 - 5 PM)

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