Usha Kolpe

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


I am self taught physician artist. I mainly paint with Acrylic and oil. I have exhibited in Biennale Venice, 2022 and Swiss expo 2022. Currently My work is showcasing in Oak Park Art league and DuPage Art league, IL
I got peoples choice award “Small for exhibit“/ Shine the light, 2022. I became Finalist in “Art Show International“. My work was shown in “ Urbanization and Health“ Art Impact International.


I am a physician artist, firmly believe in Peace and Human rights. I am deeply disturbed by environmental pollution and actively involved with United Nations Project for Ocean clean-up. I want to speak to world my work. My first painting crying “Statue of Liberty“ and begging for peace. Second painting Mother Earth crying with blood, unable to handle destruction.

Graphic Shapes

Usha Kolpe

United States of America