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Vimala Jajoo

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


After an innings in homemaking and family business, at 50, I decided to apply my
innate creativity to art and take it up as a profession. Breaking away from tradition is reflected in my unique art pieces. With no formal training but intense passion and drive for perfection, my art isn't limited to a particular medium or form and stands out on its own. Tanjore Painting, Oils & Acrylics on canvas, Mandalas & Sketches, Glass Paintings, White charcoal work, Murals, Digital paintings, etc., are the arts I create totally immersing myself in work. Current topics also inspire me to create art.


When the Russia-Ukraine war broke out, I was travelling. I could see and sense fear of the consequences in people's minds, irrelevant of the country they belonged to. I myself was afraid if I could complete my travel as planned and reach home safely.

I could see in the news about missiles, drones, bombs, etc., the destruction of buildings and structures, dead and wounded innocent people, so many fleeing for their lives, leaving homes and loved ones behind, destruction of cities, the ruins of once well developed places, unlimited sufferings everywhere and pain & chaos all around.

I thought I must do my tiny bit to send a message for people to stop war for power and live and let live all. So I took up my paints and brushes and started with a deep pain and concern in heart, which resulted in an abstract work. It shows the power of Russia, the weak Ukraine, the missiles, the drones, the devastated and bombarded cities, some worried and concerned, some idle onlookers, some trying to send messages of peace and some calling to stop the war. I have titled it "Stop War" because these two words describe my work as a whole and the message I want to give to every human being.

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