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Vasile Ghiuta

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Vasile thinks that art in its diverse forms and shapes gives us the chance to use our creativity and imagination and bring to light the finest, most intricate threads woven together to make the very essence of our souls. It defines us as the tiniest particles of what we have become along this journey. One story can take us back in time, it could be a history lesson that helps us understand our roots, remember our fathers and honor their sacrifice; another story could be inspired by the joy in a child's eyes, making us look to future generations with respect, hope, and optimism. From his point of view, as an artist, it is all about life experiences, emotions, and evolution. It is all about feelings, thoughts, and vibes translated into a language that uses colors to express an idea, to convey a message to humankind.


My artistic credo is simple: "Life is the most exciting journey that everyone would love to remember."
As I think that life is an amazing journey meant to be interesting, challenging, and unique for each and every one of us, I certainly believe that, from the beginning to its end, each step we make is a move forward in our endeavor to discover the world and its fantastic, abundant, intriguing secrets. Step by step, from childhood to the age of wisdom, we learn about ourselves and about other individuals, as well. To paint about life and people is more like telling a story: not using words, but colors. It is an invitation to meditation, soul-searching, and revelation. It is about sharing your experience with others, and being generous for the opportunities you have been given to explore and learn. That is the beauty of making art: when, sometimes, even the artist himself is awed by his own work. Expect the unexpected, be ready to be swept off your feet, exceed your abilities, surpass obstacles, and don't forget to be thankful to all those who stopped for a moment from their busy, complicated life to become part of a world created by you, for them.

Graphic Shapes

Vasile Ghiuta

Canadian and Romanian

Original or Fine Art Prints Available?

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