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Tatana Kellner

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Tatana Kellner's work is rooted in social issues. She creates work that explores politics, economy, environment and social justice issues. She has been exhibited in numerous venues across USA, Canada and Europe, and she has had over 50 solo exhibitions. Recently, her work has been selected for inclusion in Hunterdon Museum, Art Alive (Delhi, India), Ringling School of Art (Sarasota, Fl), the Everson Museum, University of Albany Museum, Dorsky Museum, CEPA (Buffalo), Kentler International Drawing Space, Collar Works, (Troy, NY), New York Public Library, among many others.

Kellner is a co-founder of Women's Studio Workshop and a recipient of numerous grants and awards, including the Pollock Krasner Foundation, The Creative Climate Award the Puffin Foundation, New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships, and many others.

She was born in the Czech Republic and immigrated to USA in 1969. She lives and works in Kingston, NY.


Please Exit, Doors are Closing is a series of monoprints that focuses on the immigration crisis and its effects on displaced people. There are over 70 million displaced people in the world today. While the current record number of people trying to reach safer shores, the doors are closing to them by the rising anti-immigrant sentiment around the world. The alien ‘other’ is not only demonized, but also turned into an existential threat. Indeed, in this age of global anxiety, where even citizens of developed nations suffer a lack of security in their finances and future, the mere ‘otherness of the other’ becomes yet another source of anxiety, much to the detriment of both populations. It is up to us, the descendants of immigrants, to keep the doors open and offer safety.

The present moment is all we ever know. In these uncertain times of global pandemic and the looming economic collapse, it is even more imperative to take care of each other and not forget the most vulnerable among us.

Graphic Shapes

Tatana Kellner

United States of America

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