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Marcia K. Neal

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Now retired from working many years in the health care industry Marcia is able to enjoy the wonderful aspects of nature and speak through her work by using natural elements mixed with acrylic paint to create unique visual art pieces on canvas.
Her support system includes her husband, children, family and great group of friends. Self-discipline has given her the opportunity to grow in her creative ability and bring messages to many.


I discovered my talent to create just a few years ago. Self-taught I have found myself concentrating upon the health of humanity and the environment. Although it is seldom mentioned, humans know that inhumane circumstances have plagued the earth for many years. By that, humans have misused the natural elements of the earth creating parallel destruction. Now retired from working in health care, I have time to focus on creating work that is designed to silently educate and show the pain resulting from inhumane circumstances. I have created work that shows the destruction of nature due to careless neglect of what is put here to assist the beautiful growth of humans, animals, vegetation summed up as all living beings.

Graphic Shapes

Marcia K. Neal

United States

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