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Julie S. Mantis

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Julie Mantis is a Los Angeles based artist creating art that celebrates the beauty of everyday life. Born in New York City, she then traveled extensively as the daughter of a naval officer. Creating art throughout her life, oil painting was a lifelong ambition that she has been able to explore in recent years.

Growing up in beach towns, Julie spent most of her childhood outdoors. She finds inspiration in nature and every day scenes. Julie captures �moments in time� that captivate her. She explores unique compositions, colors, and shapes to share her artistic vision through her paintings.

Julie�s paintings have been exhibited in Laguna Beach, CA galleries. She has also participated in juried exhibitions and been awarded recognition from Fusion Art, Light Space & Time Online Gallery, Grey Cube Gallery, Art Show International, Art Preservation Initiative and the Contemporary Art Gallery Online.

Julie studied visual arts at New York University and was a graphic artist in the pre-digital era. Currently residing in the Los Angeles area, she continues creating original artwork in mixed media and oils.


Through my paintings, I want to reflect stories of life and travel. Nature, glimpses of landscapes, glimpses of memory and countries of the world, are my subjects. They celebrate freedom to explore life and places freely, and to express impressions without censure. Often re-creating my fondest moments, each painting tells a story of the spirit of play; sharing the opportunity to be amazed by the little things life and nature have to offer. My goal is to portray feelings of freedom, peace and serenity where human rights can be enjoyed by all.

Graphic Shapes

Julie S. Mantis

United States of America

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