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Anne Furnaris

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


I am a native of Romania (Southeastern Europe), the ancient mystical country of ballads and earliest European civilization, known in the latter antiquity as the Dacian Kingdom of Burebista and Decebal. Pursuing the innate passion for the Visual Arts, I studied at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan, USA. In 2000, I graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. From the first year of the art college, I began painting and sculpting using Alchemical-Metaphysical and Hermetic-Esoteric symbols, which essence originates in the Space-Time-World of the Inner Soul and Non-Physical Universe. For over 25 years, I have been the initiator and promoter of a Metaphysical Art of the Inner Soul, while every year my artworks have been displayed mostly in different art galleries and museums throughout Michigan.


War has been the living tragedy and evil impulse of humanity since countless thousands of years of recorded and unrecorded history. As the great majority of peoples, I have always loved peace that has been promoted since the times of antiquity by higher evolved Races of Beings known as the good Gods and Goddesses who came from other galactic worlds of our universe to seed and nurture in the consciousness of our thirsty-for-war mankind the inner desire and behavior of everlasting peace. My purpose in doing these artworks was to acknowledge everybody about the ancient Gods who taught us from immemorial times that living in peace is the highest human right that would give to anyone the Right to Life. If there is no Peace - as mental, social, behavioral, and inherited manifestation - the paradigm of war will subjugate the mind of those who would come to take your life. Sadly to say, Peace has disappeared from the traditional list of Human Rights.

Some of the ancient Gods created the Peace-Culture that was known as the Sacred Law of Life, and subsequently, those civilizations did not know warfare and lived in brotherhood and sisterhood (remember the God Thoth of Atlantis and the ancient civilization of Khem). My artworks contain Hermetic and Gnostic symbols and structures that have the power to generate spiritual patterns in the subconscious mind, patterns that in time will reach the conscious mind as thoughts, feelings, and telepathic messages of peace. Thereafter, you may become cognizant that peace manifest as powerful energy prevailing over the human consciousness, and giving you wisdom, pure love for all peoples, knowledge to create a free world without discrimination, torture, and injustice. Peace is the highest treasure for the mind and consciousness.

Graphic Shapes

Anne Furnaris

Romania / United States of America

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