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Amy Howell

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


I am an emerging artist. I am currently working at the Imagine Museum. I have a BA in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana where I found my artistic expression in painting and photography. I am inspired by the abstract expressionists with their freedom of color, composition, and pushing the limits of possibility. I relate to their energy with today's current events which influences the pieces I am working on. Work intuitively allows the piece to transform, like an evolving puzzle. I want the viewer to personally connect to my art if listening to music.


The current political and social unrest has fueled the energy of my application of mediums, building on layers, expressing the passage of time leaving its mark. My work searches to find an inner peace, hopefulness, and resolution. There is much conflict occurring in the news cycle, sending its reverberations into the cells of our being. Yet in the bigger view of being alive, we are created from beauty and relate to what we find beautiful. I work in layers of mediums and colors, first beginning with a texturing composite. As in history, I want the viewer to experience the various layers that we all have along with the texure of the foundation.

Graphic Shapes

Amy Howell

United States of America

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