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11 Tips and Tricks

To Help You Progress In Your Creative Career Even  Quicker
  1. Know Your “WHY?”
    Your "What" is your artwork, but why are you producing it?


    Organize your ideas, thoughts and projects with this free mindmapping tool.


    Just plug in your website address to see where it ranks in the world.


    Produce quick and easy videos to add multimedia to your website.


    A wonderful website creator.  It's quick and easy.


    Brand your business by having your logo on the browser tab of your website.  Create a favicon with this free tool.


    Use this email service to help you easily and for free store your contact list.  Keep your prospects and current collectors in the loop about what you're doing. Grow your email list.  Don't just give out your business card.  Get their card too!


  8. Use your own domain name email account.  Don't just use gmail and yahoo.  Sure, you can have your mail forwarded to them, but get hits on your own website!

  9. Photograph your artwork outdoors.  You don't need the best photography equipment to take great photos.  Cloudy days are perfect with even and natural light.   

  10. YouTube for free training.  Google owns YouTube now.  Guess which websites rank #1 and then #2?  Ask for help on practically anything and YouTube will give you an answer.

  11. Believe in Yourself - Be a star!  The most critical tip is this one.  If you can't imagine yourself as a star, who will?  Feel the reality of it and it comes true

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