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Michelle Woitzel

I enjoy combining my photography skills, education in graphics, and love of painting to create mixed-media digital works of art. Using all three disciplines enables me to diversify my style. My first love will always be abstracts. I create these with more of a feeling rather than starting with a vision of the end result. As I get older, I find myself leaning toward more of a modern style of work. The less complicated feel and composition appeals to my "less is more" aesthetic. I am an optimist and generally positive person. I focus on creating art that is colorful, has movement, light and uplifting. There's enough darkness in the world, I choose "HAPPY"!

Michelle Woitzel


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Elkhorn, Nebraska

Tidal Pull
Midnight Tide
Dark Waters

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas


Born in North Dakota with an education in Graphics, Michelle worked as a Graphic artist and a professional photographer for years, before combining all hers skills as an Artist. Michelle is now an award-winning Mixed-Media Digital artist from the Omaha area. She works with painting techniques, graphics and photos to create mixed-media digital works of art in both contemporary and traditional styles.


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