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Marvit Ahanonu

In her own words,''If only words could express my thoughts, there would be no need for painting''.
She is also influenced by Artists; Leonardo Da Vinci, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol. Marvit makes a statement through the use of Acrylic on Canvas, Charcoal, Graphite, Oil, Ankara, juxta - positioning of shapes and forms and clay.

Marvit Ahanonu


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Pierrefonds, Quebec Canada

Nature Perseveres for Survival
Sumbu Lala Nature Cries

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas


A Nigerian - Canadian Contemporary Fine Artist and Architect. In 2017, After staring at the landscape Nature plains of Montreal through a classic order vintage glass window in a dining area, she picked up the paint and paint brush and began expressing herself through her own eyes in a blend of realism and expressionist styles with a prior background in formal at École d'art Syn Studio Montréal, and informal self - taught Art training from a tender age. Having a zeal for expression through painting, she never stopped painting and has completed numerous commissioned Art pieces.

With interest in history and the human race, She is inspired by historical events, rare virtues, nature landscapes, the human form, shapes and forms juxta - positions, and in some cases paints into the future she sees as much as she sees or hopes to see. Introvertly, Marvit found solace in Art as a means of expression as viewing the world through her own eyes and her dreams of a better world, one filled with nature, love and good virtues.


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