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Lis Zadravec

In life, who we become is a formula of potential against adversity. It is the story of all of us creatures, great and small. And it is my fascination. So I draw stories. I see the struggle against adversities even in the murky deep, against all odds. I render my artwork realistically but in the modern century media of colored pencils. I believe there is nothing that this pigment in its precision pointed stick, can't do or that oil paint could do better. My competitive nature is out to prove that. I still approach my work like a painter. Layering in the old-school oil painterly way. I want to inspire. Not only with what a media can do, but what we all can do.

Lis Zadravec


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Sterling, Virgina

Fly By

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas


Artwork by Lis Zadravec has won many of awards and appeared in print almost as many times. Her work has a strong narrative aesthetic that is reminiscent of the masterful illustrations of books we poured over as children. From Washington DC, Lis studied at the Corcoran. Lis is actually using the oil painting technique she was trained in, while rendering the work in colored pencils, she creates her surfaces, pouring over them in an involved & lengthy process that has been compared to the meditative work of iconographers. While making her art, Lis has raised two children and built a teaching business. She says, "A well-trained artist is a person who can do anything."


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