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Karen Julihn

My love of open water stems from sailing and visiting beaches. I have a serious concern for preserving the quality of our water sources because of the pollution caused by human waste and trash that is threatening plant and animal life on earth. Glorifying the beauty and power of our open water gives value to this natural resource that I hope others will see as well.

Karen Julihn


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Fredericksburg, Virginia

Coral Corpses
Incoming Tide
Rolling In

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas

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Creativity comes from a lot of thought, practice and imagination. I like to begin with a concrete representational idea and play with it until it looks more like an abstracted idea. To add drama to my art, I splatter paint, add texture and bright color. Fredericksburg, Virginia is where I live and join other artists to create an art community. I show my art in several galleries located there as well as in Richmond and Colonial Beach. It’s my hope that I convey message through art.


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