Virginia Praschnik

My artist statement, �My stories are told without words, so you can hear with your eyes.",explains my creative �process: tell the story on a canvas, awaking as many senses as possible
My work is representational, using oil painting impasto with palette knife. This process allows me to emphasize textures, experiment with colors, hierarchy contrast, with a distinct character.

Virginia Praschnik


Miami Beach, Florida

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas


Living in Florida, the ocean, beaches, and sea escapes are a constant inspiration.
Last year I started a series called "Local Stories". The series slowly evolved from sea escapes to underwater theme because again, as a Floridian, I live and breathe the consequences of the immense damage, disregard and disrespect to our Ocean's environment.
With a passion and education in the arts, I have made a successful career in design, for which I have won 23 national and international awards.
Almost like living a double life, I keep things separated, as they are different in nature and because the end product of my everyday work as a designer has no questions, when I paint, my creativity is free, evolved, experimental, natural, raw and bold.


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