E.L. Whitley

As a surrealist I use the element of design to weave compositions based on my dreams, visions and imagination. My paintings chronicle my life's journey. In short my art is a way of keeping dairy. I paint objects as I think them, not necessarily as I see them. My imagination in the highest kite I can fly.

E.L. Whitley


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Mitchellville, Maryland

Dusk or Dawn
In the Beginning
The Sixth Dimension

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas

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L. Whitley is a native Washingtonian of the District of Columbia. She is a graduate from McKinley Technical High School where she majored in art and studied under the renowned artist, Sam Gilliam. She attended and graduated from the district of Columbia Teacher�s College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education with a concentration in Art. While at D.C Teacher�s College she studied under another renowned artist, �Malkia� aka Lucille Roberts. Upon graduation, she did post graduate work at the Catholic University of America in oil painting and portraiture; silk painting at G Street Fabric in Rockville, Maryland.