Amanda Armstrong

I dedicate myself to creating collections that tell the story from start to finish. These are large tasks, and require handmade costuming to set design. This desire to create such ornate creations comes from my first love was creating film. But I found I can convey messages into stills it became my true passion. I choose to convey ideas in sometimes a non direct way, because I do not always want to dictate what the viewer is seeing. I want the viewer to create their own emotional story and have them create their own journey through my imagery.

Amanda Armstrong


Brighton, Colorado

Mother Ocean  #1 (Series)
Mother Ocean  #3 (Series)
Mother Ocean  #2 (Series)
Mother Ocean  #4 (Series)

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas

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My fine art imagery is more distinct, bold and moodier. I inject my film background to create dramatic and emotional photography statements and stories. My focus is on daring subjects, sometimes tense or theatrical.


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