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Vasile Ghiuta

Pandemic, The Light Therein

(June 2020)

My artistic credo is simple: "Life is the most exciting journey that everyone would love to remember"
In my art works, I have tried to give a visual expression of a whole panoply of energies that make people feel, think or react when something happens to them, or happens in their own micro-universe.
That is the beauty of making art: when, sometimes, even the artist himself is awed by his own work. Expect the unexpected, be ready to be swept off your feet, exceed your abilities, surpass obstacles and don't forget to be thankful to all those who stopped for a moment from their busy, complicated life to become part of a world created by you, for them.

Vasile Ghiuta


Vasile Ghiuta

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Childhood Grove
Mother Ocean  #4.jpg

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A Romanian-born painter, Vasile Ghiuta is a self-taught abstract painting artist, living in Toronto, Canada.
His abstract art works are inspired by human feelings, emotions and thoughts and represent a wealth of knowledge and experience that the artist has acquired over the years.
He believes that life is a sum of various experiences that carry a large amount of energy which could be transposed through the power of color and specific painting techniques into real life stories. His acrylic on canvas works aim to express this concept, inviting the viewer to take a step forward into the world of self-discovery and reflection. Each of his canvases tells a story, and every story needs to be shared.


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