Trish Zimbalatti

Pandemic, The Light Therein
International Virtual Art Exhibition Series

(September 2020)


Trish's was always inspired by photography. She has a BFA in
graphic design and a minor in photography. Trish pursued a career as a graphic designer working in advertising agencies and marketing firms. She combined her graphic design skills and love of nature and became a landscape designer which played a significant role in influencing the refined art she produces today. Trish developed meticulous and intricate techniques applying them to her layered photographs. The intricate work is evident in her art. Bringing photographs back to life in a two-dimensional mixed-media
format she calls photo sculpture.

Artist Statement

The devil is definitely in the details and photography captures details. Color and texture are key components in enhancing those details. I precisely deconstruct my photos and re-assemble them in layers. Paper has amazing qualities and limitless applications. I bend, fold, curl, texturize, crimp, and sculpt photo paper by hand and/or tool. This technique gives the photograph a unique three-dimensional quality. The intricate work is evident in her art. As each layer is added, the image becomes more detailed, the work more intricate and refined. 'CURE' was inspired by the vibrant colors and shapes which resemble cells and the hope for a cure and renewed life. My vision combined with my technique allows me to create art that has the mystery and complexity that will remain engaging and provocative.

Trish Zimbalatti

Akron, Ohio

United States of America

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CURE - Revitalized Cells Celebrating Life

CURE - Revitalized Cells Celebrating Life

Floating Iris

Floating Iris


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