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Cynthia Tabeau Pritchard

Pandemic, The Light Therein

(July 2020)

I enjoy the versatility of utilizing acrylics. Used thinly, they resemble watercolors, while thick applications resemble oils. The inspiration for my art comes from poems or films that influence me, land and seascapes from my various travels, and the color palettes of the great masters.

My intent is to draw the viewer in using light, color, and movement, striving to evoke a positive response through my work. I usually have a broad concept in mind when I begin a piece, but allow myself to be open to adjusting it as I work, letting the brush and canvas lead me on the journey. My technique includes brushwork, palette knife, pouring, and gestural painting.

Cynthia Tabeau Pritchard

United States

Bedford, New Hampshire

The Grail of Life
Let the Light In

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Cynthia was born in Southern California and culitivated an interst in art and music at an early age. She continues to play the piano and has sketched throughout her life, more recently developing an appreciation for abstract art and painting using various abstract styles and techniques.

Currently living in New Hampshire, Cynthia enjoys working with acrylic paints and inks on canvas. She has participated in juried exhibitions and has earned several awards in international online competitions. Cynthia has taken painting and sculpting classes at the New Hampshire Institute of Art and is a member of the Manchester Artists Association.


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