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Light of the Caribbean Artist

carole dubois

Artist's Bio

Carole Dubois has been honored and named "Golden Artist" at Art Impact International in Washington, DC in April 2018 and was named `Notable Artist' in August 2017, at Art Impact USA.  Carole has exhibited her MusicalArt at RAW Artists for their Exposition in Montreal in October 2017.

Carole Dubois is a graduate of University of Montreal, HEC (Business School) and of College Edouard-Montpetit, in Human Sciences. Carole also has a College diploma in Real Estate and is a graduate of École Cotnoir Capponi, in fashion design and haute couture.

An accomplished studio artist painting in the acrylic medium. Carole took up painting in 1986. From very early lessons, Carole quickly became a self-taught artist having moved to an early impressionistic style. Carole's original impressionistic style, all her own, has brought attention to her paintings. Carole's creation of the more recent MusicalArt™© original painting concept has garnered further enthusiasm for her determined artistic creations.

Born in Montreal, lived in Saint Lambert, today she resides in Canada's National Capital Region, as well as in Bromont, QC and is a seasonal resident in SWF.


Carole Dubois is the creator of MusicalArt™©, where Carole fusions Art, color and themes to music, in a completely original painting concept and paints a portion of musical score directly on the painting.

Carole's submissions for the `Light of the Caribbean` were inspired by some of the most iconic and renowned artists of the Caribbean musical scene. The musical themes portray the sun, color and vibrancy of the Caribbean.

-Carole Dubois

Quebec, Canada

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