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Darija Stipanic

What Is Hanukkah?

An International Art Exhibition

(December 10 through January 31, 2021)


Maiden name Brajan, born 1973. in Rijeka, Croatia. Graduated at interdiscilplinary study of Fine Art and Art History of the Teacher Training Faculty at the University of Rijeka, Croatia in 1997. Had several sole exhibitions and participated art exhibitions in Croatia and foreign countries (South Africa, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Mexico, China, Litva, Macedonia, Japan, Bulgaria). Received few awards and recognitions for her art. Member of Croatian visual art society in Rijeka.


Creating art is my life. It is the inner need that drives me. That is the need for expressing emotions and experiences. It is research, it is a game, it is a challenge and need for frequent change. Sometimes my motivation to make art is the interpretation of nature that I see. In other cases, it's just my internal life; thoughts and beliefs.

Darija Stipanic

Darija Stipanic


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