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M. Yawer Yameen

Artist's Bio

I have been working in Pakistan international airline as senior avionics technologist for more than 5 years. Being creative and playing with colors is always what I desire. In my childhood. Me and my twin used to take parts in different drawing and painting competitions. With the passage of time I couldn't pursue my passion, but now I have reflected back my inklings to continue my art passion with all zeal and zest. And thus started painting with the desire to contribute my part to the society.



My name is Yawer Yameen, lives in Karachi, the city of lights. Who strives to provide beauty through art for all.I shake my thoughts in such a way that it stars giving me historical significance of compassion and remembrance.
Sometimes, an art is driven by a collaboration of friend’s tour or journey of thoughts or sometimes by any unusual idea by my twin. I love to live with family and consider the whole world as my family. 

The blank canvas is the world in which I drop the color of love, tone of care and shadow of relations, thus connects everyone who sees, touch and feels it. I use the universal language of communication through my art which reflects my personal symbolism to the outer persona of an essence. Blindcanvas hopes to expand knowledge and creative expertise across all endeavors. I am committed to providing clients with the best possible experience through artistic expression. 

- M. Yawer Yameen

Karachi, Pakistan

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