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Robert V. P. Davis


Robert V. P. Davis


A native of Baltimore, Maryland, I studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art, earning a Diploma in Fine Arts Painting. My work as a painter, sculptor, designer and illustrator has been exhibited in Baltimore, Washington, D. C. New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Chicago, Utah, Texas, Arkansas and Los Angeles, as well as in Sinop and Ankara, Turkey. Over the years, I have received commissions, numerous awards, and made many sales.


To me, the world of art is magic. It takes me to many far-away places, it speaks in many languages. This is one reason why my work is so diverse. I have explored many different subjects, with both realistic and abstract interpretations. These are my trips--short bursts of energy from within. Again and again, I see that I must take a new road on my journey through this world. With all my art, I try to transform myself and the viewer metaphysically, so that we are left to interpret the work in our own way, leaving us if only momentarily, somehow different than before we saw it.

The Depth Preceptor.jpg

The Dance

This is my homage to Sharon Jackman, a woman I dated in the late 1960s. She was a beautiful woman, a talented dancer and an instructor at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore.

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Music Sweet & Low

Music and dance, art forms as old as humankind, are practically inseparable. This collage uses light, color and composition to celebrate this connection.

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Robert V. P. Davis

United States

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Like Flowers That Never Bloom

I’ve always loved the human form, its beauty, grace and ability to tell a story through movement. These dancers, in silhouette, represent women who, though fully formed, live a mere promise of their true potential.

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Here, young women revel in the sheer joy of dance, their love of nature and freedom of movement.

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