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Nathalie D. Gribinski


Nathalie D. Gribinski


Nathalie Gribinski is a French American established painter and illustrator based in the US, Chicago, whose works have been exhibited internationally. Having formerly trained to be a lawyer, she discovered her passion for art upon a move from Paris to Chicago, where studying graphic art soon led to a creative revelation and a new path forward. Nathalie kept working both on her art and her Graphic Design until 2016. In 2017 she decided to consecrate all her time to Fine Art. Since then, she has been creating full-time. She lives in Chicago with her cat, Zoé.


“The sky is not always blue, the grass not always green, the clouds not always white, the earth not always beautiful. Through my art I am trying to convey a colorfully rich and warm atmosphere; one that explodes with vivid colors and is balanced with a harmony of curves and shapes. I aim to create a melody“

“While I don’t seek out to set themes, my work, mostly abstract, does naturally contain repeated symbols or ideas such as generosity, love, humor, fantasy, sound, and spirit. My paintings showcase powerful emotions, vibrant colors, and thoughtful expressions of human complexity.“

The Depth Preceptor.jpg

Happy Samba

Femme is imagination, melody, sensuality, fragility, complexity, colorful.

The Depth Preceptor.jpg

Glory of the Bird

Femme is free like a bird. The shapes and melody that are conveyed in that painting sing a song of freedom.

self with hat.JPG

Nathalie D. Gribinski

United States

The Depth Preceptor.jpg

Bonfire in the Azure

Femme is fire, motion, and tragedy. This painting reflects the multidimensional aspect of women.

The Depth Preceptor.jpg

Blast of Dreams

Dreams? Femme is dreamy and calm in this painting. The blue figure on the upright represents a woman laying down.

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