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Jayashree Samal


Jayashree Samal


Jayashree Samal is a UX/Web designer based in Washington DC. Although she is a designer by profession, she is also a painter at heart. Her love for art took her to Cal Arts, where she discovered design. Her artistic journey took many turns. All along she has pursued her interest in painting and illustrating. She started with art portraying women from her Indian cultural background. Later on it expanded to universal women's issues. Her work explores unique aspects of women's vulnerability and their struggles with family and relationships


Opposite forces rely upon one another to exist. The two components interchange and interplay. The interchange of day and night marks that there cannot be darkness without light. My work represents both feminine and masculine energies.

My work represents my life story. It reflects the roller coaster of events in my life, both tragic and happy. The impact of these emotions lay dormant or suppressed for years, and got a chance to express with the gradual awakening of my spirit. My art grew to shape many happy and tragic stories of my life. I intend to inspire other women going through the same journey to self-reflect and find strength as I did in finding my own self-worth and self-love. I hope my work evokes emotion, which itself is a victory of the spirit

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The Awakened Spirit

My painting, "The Awakened Spirit", depicts the journey of my spirit. We as humans create the limit and confinement in our minds. I wanted to paint without having any well-formed ideas in my mind. So, I chose no forms or shapes to express the emotions and, lightness of my heart at the moment. Through the fluidity of colors, I discovered the beauty of my spirit.

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Sister of My Soul

Why does sisterhood start and what keeps it going? Two friends who click on every level imaginable. The yin to your Yan. The friend who keeps the conversation going, the tears and laughter flowing. The friend who keeps the inspiration uplifting, the wisdom calming. Each one is unique with unique talents. Not sister by birth but from the heart ... the sister who chooses you and whose soul you connect.

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Jayashree Samal


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A Thousand Dreams Shattered

The painting, "Thousand Dreams Shattered", represents a woman's feelings when her reality clashes with her dreams. She is left distraught, vulnerable, and with a profound sadness in her eyes. Yet she is able to dream again...

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Mother and Child, The Most Magical Feeling

The most magical feeling of my life was the day I hold my child to feel the bliss of motherhood. Motherhood is a universal theme. Across all cultures, mothers experience the pain and pleasure of bringing up a child. In spite of the difficult journey of all mothers are the champions of unconditional love.

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