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Trish Gianakis

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


With a Masters Degree in Computer Art from School Of Visual Arts, I am a fine artist and a professor at St. Peters University teaching digital design, augmented reality, 3d graphics. I have a passion for ceramics and RAKU. When sculpting, after the artwork is bisked and raku fired, I then combine the sculptures with found objects and digital media.


As a ceramic raku artist I combine my wall sculptures with found objects and digital media. ?Human emotions inspire my work where I depict faces or human body, touching on themes of humanity, emotional turmoil, peace and survival. The smoke of the raku firing process creates a blackened surface on the exposed clay ceramic while the glazes produce a broad spectrum of color depending on the glaze. Colors are intensified with the high heat and reduction process, giving the glazes metallic or white crackle effects. With the black of the clay and these glazes combined, the effects on the surface creates an inherent drama. I combine other natural materials such as wasps nest, wire, wood, dried flowers and fiber optic wire and augmented reality layering with the sculpture. Overlaying these materials on the faces/bodies of the sculptures exaggerate the facial or body expression enhancing whatever emotion I am trying to express.

Trish Gianakis

Trish Gianakis

United States of America

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