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Nayana V. Sabu

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


Myself Nayana V Sabu.I am a postgraduate in Structural Engineering and Construction Management.Currently I am working as Fire Design Engineer in Allies Fire System Pvt.Ltd,Ernakulam.
From my childhood onwards,I am interested in drawing and painting.To convey a message into the people,a picture can speak well than words.I have participated and won prizes in many painting competitions.My parents have found out the hidden talent of art inside me and gave me proper training too.Now also I am continuing in this field. used to give paintings as gifts for any occasions like birthday or wedding parties. I like to use acrylic,oil and water colours for painting pictures.Outdoor drawing is actually my main hobby.


I heard about this competition from my mother who is a well wisher of your organisation.I have learned about the topic "The Endangered ".I thought many ways about how can my art save at least one species.This lead me to draw the picture in two halves.
The first half of my painting shows how plants,animals and birds are becoming extinct from earth.Many causes like air pollution from factories and vehicles,deforestation,putting fire to forest,hunting of animals,water pollution by dumping of plastic wastes can lead to death and loss of habitat of wide variety of flora and fauna.The second half shows the other side of the coin showing how can we solve this issue,that is by educating children to plant more trees to receive rain and avoid deforestation and forest fire,avoid dumping of waste into water bodies and save aquatic plants and animals.I have shown the recently extincting or on the peak of endangered animals like the Wild Panda,Indian Blackbug,Polar Bear,Ganges river dolphin,Steller's Sea Cow,Dodo of Mauritius,Cuban Red Macaw,African Elephant Giraffe,butterflies,etc.
I have done the artwork on a canvas sheet with Acrylic media.I am very much interested to see my artwork exhibited so that it can covey a serious message to save some rare lives.
I have also given a caption " LET THEM LIVE".We humans are the real reason behind the loss of habitat of these poor living beings.Earth belongs to them also,it is not a private property of selfish man.So,it is our responsibility to teach our children and save the living organisms who are on the verge of extinction.

Nayana V. Sabu

Nayana V. Sabu


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