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Juju Bartush

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


Juju Bartush Reeves
A classically-trained artist with a degree in fine arts, Juju crosses her figurative artist style with a contemporary illustrative flavor. Her abstract line of paintings features high-contrast textures to shape the mood of each piece and a unique collection of shapes to create their form. By combining different types of paint and media, Juju portrays the many different levels of our existence through color and texture. She has a special talent for capturing human images and finds herself constantly observing how shadows define the facial features of those around her.

Juju's goal for the observer of her art is to draw them into the painting, either through the eyes or the energy that the artwork creates. She aspires to capture that moment in time that takes you to the place where you can escape for those few moments in time, for it is those moments that create lasting memories.

Her newest channel of creativity is a contemporary illustrative style that uses high intensity colors to generate brilliance, energy and contrast. And, Juju has recently branched out to specialize in commissioned idealized portraits.


I practice the sound principals of painting learned both classically and experimentally. I also strive for more than mere technical accuracy, creating emotional bonds of creative energies. There is a feeling one gets when standing in front of a piece of art. It's not always easy to describe, but we know it when it happens. It might be the sense of place in the universe, the light on the subject, or a fleeting expression in a portrait. These are the reactions I'm driven to elicit with my art. To me, it's like capturing the space between fire and smoke.

Juju Bartush

Juju Bartush

United States of America

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