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Elyssa Helfman

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


Elyssa Helfman is a born and raised South Floridian who has a passion for art and creativity. She has been featured in numerous exhibitions like Art Basel, Art 4 Apes Endangered Art, Blue Moon Art Contest and many more. She received her BFA from University of Florida. In addition to being an artist, she is a wife, mother of 2 young kids, and a Creative Director at a web design and marketing agency.

It's no surprise that her journey has led her here. Starting at a very young age she was drawing and painting. She also had fond memories of loving all living creatures - from playing with the lizards in the yard to feeding the ducks in the pond each week, to begging her parents for every pet under the sun. Her compassion for animals, especially those endangered, has only grown since then, and has strengthened even more since becoming a mother. It started a new mission for her to want to do something that would make a difference in protecting endangered species. Elyssa has been able to use her artistic abilities to create awareness and honor animals with beautiful, powerful, impactful, and "stop to make you think" kind of imagery. All of her work is dedicated to a cause with 10% of proceeds going to wildlife conservation funds dedicated to protection and preservation.


Elyssa Helfman is an artist dedicated to honoring
beautiful subjects in our humanity with bold colors,
playful textures, and a grandiose impact. Intertwining
high pigment acrylics, hand-painted acid-free papers,
and intentionally partial portraits, her technique intrigues
with a powerful purpose.

Elyssa especially strives to shed a new and lasting
light on endangered animals by having the viewers
develop a profound connection with the subject
matter. Elyssa is creating an undeniable awareness for
this critical cause through art and has committed to
10% of all proceeds benefitting wildlife conservation

Elyssa Helfman

Elyssa Helfman

United States of America

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