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Deborah M.G. Cassolis

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


Deborah M.G. Cassolis has love for nature and enjoys expressing her studies of cycads, palm trees, monocots, and tropical plants for over a decade. Fawn and fauna have always inspired her from her backyard and travelling to tropical places like Hawaii, Mexico, San Diego, California, other places around the world.
Her art has been acquired and exhibited by patrons and galleries from
Africa, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Seychelles and
the United States (Hawaii, HI, Tucson, AZ, W. Hollywood, CA, Santa Fe, NM, New York, N.Y.) and recently Deborah's art was in a prestigious art exhibit at the Vatican Hall in Rome, Italy February 2020.
Publications include American Art Collectors, Art & Beyond Publications (2014, 2019), I.G.O.R's Special Book Edition (2019), International Contemporary Artists, Sandscripts (2015), as well as an article about her in The Trinity Times (2019). Deborah is always motivated to advance her techniques to improve her realism skills to higher levels as a Hyper-Realism Painter. She has contributed to non-profit organizations in her community in the form of signed prints for fundraisers.


Painting with oils is my favorite medium, it gives me pleasure to mix the paints to create the colors I see with my own eyes. I am passionate about palm trees, they are beautiful, graceful in the breeze and when I am near one, I have to feel it's texture, explore tiny details to give realistic result. I transfer my feelings to the painting to express that these tropical palms and plants are my muse, and I love to include animals. When to paint a muse I study it taking notes to assure I capture it's true beauty to canvas. There are over 200 species of palm trees, I plan to paint as many as I can before they are all gone to human destructions.

Deborah M.G. Cassolis

Deborah M.G. Cassolis


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