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Stephen Perrone


For the past 39 years, Stephen Perrone has been participating in juried exhibitions: Art For Artists (AFA) in Scranton, PA,; Art Etcetera in West Newton, MA; The Art Group in Mt. Jackson, West Virginia; Maritain Gallery near Cincinnati, Ohio; The Book Mill in Montague, MA; The Broome Street Gallery in SOHO; Hamilton Center for the Arts in Hamilton, NY; Roberson Museum in Binghamton, NY; Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center in Auburn, NY, and The Delavan Center in Syracuse, NY. He has also been a featured artist at Clinton House Artspace in Ithaca, NY; the Joan Lucas Rothenberg Gallery at The Redhouse in Syracuse, NY; Studio 24 and the Szozda Gallery in Syracuse, NY. His work is included in The William Bronk collection, recent publications by Art Impact of Washington, DC, and 2017 World Edition of Art Upclose. The work may also be found under “Stephen Perrone” on , under stephenperrone on ,or on his webpage: He lives and paints in Sylvan Beach, NY.


I stress the importance of human emotion in my work. The portrait and human figure serve as the images and forms by which I most often express my reflections on life. Stylistically, I am influenced by the expressionist painters. I choose colors and generate a rawness in my work that I hope contributes to the nature of each “personality” on display. Life is both pleasant and difficult, and I’m attempting to demonstrate both possibilities with the sensitivity and compassion we all deserve as human beings.





-Stephen Perrone

Sylvan Beach, New York

Backyard Painting.jpg
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