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Rondall "RJ" James


Rondall “RJ" James is a native of Hampton, VA. He received his formative education in the Hampton, Virginia Public School system. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education from Virginia State University in Petersburg, VA, and a Master of Interdisciplinary Studies, with a concentration in Printmaking and Painting from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.  Following a 36-year career of teaching art at the high school level, RJ retire. He is currently an Adjunct Professor in the School of Education at Mary Washington University in Fredericksburg, VA.  RJ was selected to be one of the featured artists presented in a special exhibit entitled "The Art of Freedom" at the Black History and Cultural Museum of Richmond VA. During the Summer of 2019, he was a featured lecturer during an Artist Talk on his clay printmaking technique at the Mint Museum in Charlotte N.C.


Working with clay has become a lifetime enjoyment for me. It was evident, even at an early age, that I wanted to use clay. The many processes that I have learned have helped me to create new bodies of works. The clay techniques have evolved into my current body of work - Printing with Clay. Printing on a slab of clay using liquid, colored slips has given me the freedom to explore as I have never experienced before.  

The repetition of patterns is a main emphasis in my work. The overlapping of patterns helps to pull the viewer’s eye into and around the print. The movement of brilliant colors entices the viewer to examine the surface of patterns even closer. Also, using large, bold figures helps to capture the attention of my audience from across the gallery. Once closer to the print, the viewer is intrigued by the patterns, the movement of colors, and the appreciation (and surprise) of learning that the images are printed in clay on a two-dimensional surface.
Upon finishing the print, I have, at times, added acrylic paint on top of the print to enhance the image, providing the viewer with an even more unique experience.







-Rondall "RJ" James

Spotsylvania, Virginia

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