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Nancy McIntyre


I have studied art at major universities for 20 years. I am a business professor with a passion for art. I regularly participate in pottery shows and sales and am just beginning to show my paintings.


I have been a functional potter for 20 years and my work there is disciplined and bound to the earth through function and form as well as through the glazes I chose. I recently discovered abstract painting and am rejoicing in the freedom available in this medium. My art is now about color: lots and lots of color. When people view my art, I want them to experience the vibrancy of life and the joy and freedom expressed in my paintings. I start painting on a wet canvas. I pour colors, letting them blend and move. I tilt the canvas to create movement and continue to build layers of color. The piece might evolve in an hour, or it may require layers and layers over a month’s time. Every piece is an experiment in movement, color, and light. My hope is that the end product will bring joy to your life, and possibly even a smile!

 - Nancy McIntyre

Morgantown, West Virginia

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