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Lucas J. Rougeux


Lucas, born in 1995, was raised in Niagara Falls, NY and expressed an artistic passion at a young age. Being colorblind, his work was limited to graphite and charcoal drawing until he took a painting class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012. He acquired a Bachelor of Arts from Alfred University in 2017 which explored an interdisciplinary practice including painting, multi-media installation, performance art, and creative writing. He has been exhibited in New York and Maryland and has been living and working in North Bethesda, Maryland since 2018.


I do not claim to know what love is, nor do I claim to know I’ve felt it. I do know the tightness in my chest, the nausea in my stomach, the lonely soreness in my arms, and the warmth on my skin. This is what my work represents: the relationship between the physical and the emotional bodies. Drawn from the internal, natural, and cosmic worlds, color both grounds my work in its subject matter and encourages a viewer’s own connections. My use of color suggests a vibrancy in abstract feeling as well as grounded acknowledgement of the body and the tangible. Geometry is in and of everything, and I use it to give structure, suggest interaction and connection, highlight tension, and express movement. Through the languages of geometry and color, I abstract the structure of the tangible body and I give structure to immaterial emotion.















- Lucas J. Rougeux

North Bethesda, Maryland

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