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Cary Michael Robinson


Cary Michael (Robinson) is a native of Mobile, Alabama and currently resides in Washington, DC. He earned his BS in Fine Arts from FAMU and his MA in Design Management from SCAD.

Cary Michael currently serves in the capacity of a Design Examiner for the
USPTO, Studio Artist at Creative Saints Loft, Frontline Ministry volunteer at Zion Church, and Mentor for Best Kids, Inc., while devoting his free time to developing his start-up artist collective “Artbae” ( He enjoys assisting clients with designs through his freelance business, SCM Design Solutions, and providing art instruction as a therapeutic recreation.

His artwork has been featured in the 2016 BET Awards, Harlem Fine Arts Show, African American Civil War Museum, and various other exhibits throughout the Washington, DC Metro area, New Jersey, New York, Alabama and Florida, and is part of permanent collections. He also enjoys being a socialite, planning events and exhibits, and is passionate about promoting social change and improving the overall quality of life of others through the effective use of creativity in all endeavors.


I am a vibrant acrylic painting that captures the beauty of life forms in an erotic, intense, seductive, yet intimate fashion. I am monochromatic, multicolored or a merger between the two hues. I am a 2-dimensional canvas expanded into a 3-dimensional, transformative environment. I am the ethos of past generations or the essence of contemporary society. I am a tangible masterpiece that breaks the interpretation of what society considers “traditional art”. I am Colorful, Collaborative, Cultural and Classic…I am #CaryMichael










-Cary Michael Robinson

Capitol Heights, Maryland

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