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Younes Ansari

The Child Factor

International Art Exhibition

(February15 through November 15, 2021)

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I was born in 1983, I graduated with a M.A in painting in 2017. I worked as painter and illustrator plus a tutor of painting. Chroma Exhibition in 2019 was my first international experience in USA. Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas, plus, The Endangered, Can Art Save Them? In 2020 were my other exhibitions.

Our world is the world of insanity and selfishness. The world that the domineering human sees no limitations for his desires. Human kills or plunders human just for little more. He never understands that the Planet Earth is big enough and generous that all human can live in peace. The illusion of power is the madness that never has an end. he encourages wars and children are mostly the defenseless victims of such mad competitions.



Children are the victims in adults power games.

Younes Ansari

Younes Ansari


Food Discrimination

For poors, food is the matter of life and death, not fatness, thinness, or having fun.

Food Discrimination

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Portions of the proceeds will go to the Precious Gems charity.

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 Carolyn Goodridge at

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