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Winifred B. Wallace

The Child Factor

International Art Exhibition

(February15 through November 15, 2021)

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Winifred Wallace has been creating quilts since 2000. Her work reflects her passion for color, pattern and texture. She has an Associate Arts degree from Montgomery College and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maryland. Her awareness as an African American gives her work its particular character. Wallace's work has been widely exhibited in the U.S. and appeared in several publications. She often works in a series to create unified, cohesive and coherent related bodies of work such as her Mask, Creation and Circle series. Juried shows are: Story Quilts Exhibit at The Sandy Spring Museum, Art Impact International exhibitions: Carnaval, 3rd annual National Caribbean American Heritage Month, Best-of-the-Best, GOLDEN, Facets and Chroma. WHUR ARTICO, a Quilting Segment; Sacred Threads Exhibition, its two-year Travel Exhibition; Quilt Surface Design Symposium Invitational; Textural Rhythms: Constructing the Jazz Tradition; Quilts for Change Exhibition; Healing Quilts in Medicine; Walter Reed Hospital, Cancer Center; and Zion Baptist Church, a Commission for its 150th Church Anniversary. Member affiliations are: Art Impact International, American Quilter's Society, Uhuru Quilting Guild, Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) and Art Sewciety.

I am a mixed media artist and my style is contemporary. My medium is quilting and I work with textiles, print, and paint. When I discovered the art of quilting in 2000, all of my creative experiences came together. These creative experiences are my educational art skills, sewing and designing skills, and mixed media/crafting skills. I often develop an idea in my head and work it out in cloth and or on paper. Quilted layers are held together with colorful stitching by hand, free motioned stitches and freeform embroidery. My purpose is to express myself with fabric that is representative of my heritage, background and beautiful to my eye. My art pieces are designed to be hung on a wall, as a table covering or draped over a piece of furniture. I look at my studio time as a process of discovery and a time to stay focused and disciplined on my work.

Hazard of Lead Paint

Hazard of Lead Paint

Rights to healthcare and safe shelter Research found that children eating and breathing paint dust can cripple cognitive development.

Winifred B. Wallace

Winifred B. Wallace

United States

Rights to Healthcare and Safe Shelter

Rights to healthcare and safe shelter

Rights to Healthcare and Safe Shelter

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