Pierre-Antoine Goho

The Child Factor

An International Art Exhibition

(February15 through September 15, 2021)


Originally from Côte d’Ivoire, I am inspired by the environments I grew up in and a mixture of my travels. My artwork reflects the true me. Social events, a colorful outfit, local or international trips or a conversation would be a source of inspiration. A piece of artwork starts intuitively. I am embarked on a journey of discovery where I take my audience to experience with me different painting styles. I am learning and perfecting my craft each day.


I portrayed the dreams of the children. They want to succeed in life and nothing would stand in the way for them to achieve their goals. Going far from the environments that they know and like is an option for success. I painted on canvas and paper using the palette knife and acrylic.


Group departure to the unknown for a better life.

Where To Go?

They don't know where to go once they arrive to the place they're dropped off. They are wandering.

Pierre-Antoine Goho

United States

Waiting For The Opportunity

They're waiting for the opportunity to leave their country to settle somewhere else for a better life.
Waiting at the beach to embark on the next boat to go where the capitaine takes them.


Please contact the curator:

 Carolyn Goodridge at cgoodridge@artimpactinternational.org

Portions of the art sale proceeds will go to these two charities. Click to learn more about their work.


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