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Marc Raphael

The Child Factor

International Art Exhibition

(February15 through November 15, 2021)

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Self-taught and influenced by the New York abstract expressionist painters, I painted my first abstract painting in 1991. Abstraction and action painting are the vehicles I use to express myself creatively. A 25-year career as a K-12 classroom teacher relegated painting to a hobby, leaving me holiday breaks and summer vacations to paint. In January 2020, I began painting full time, and the past year has been one of tremendous growth and fulfillment. Currently, I am taking steps to sell my work online and in galleries. As my artistic journey continues, I plan to work in larger formats to produce paintings that have a greater impact on the viewer.

Art speaks to me, and I want my art to speak to others. My aim is to produce paintings that evoke an emotional response in the viewer, engendering joy, stimulation, even contemplation. My painting process begins by placing raw unstretched canvas on the floor, and without a preconceived notion of what to paint, I build multiple layers of acrylic and latex swirls, splatters, and drips constantly assessing the painting's formal elements while trusting my intuition. I am the subject matter on my paintings, and what appears on the canvas is the intellectual and emotional struggle to make meaning with the artist materials at hand. Art making is a process of discovery, one that informs my creative process and the process of self-discovery.

Children's Ward

Children's Ward

When children have love, nurturing, and security in their lives they are free to love others of different races and ethnicities, surprise us with their inquisitiveness and wisdom, and create beauty in a myriad of ways.

Marc Raphael

Marc Raphael

United States

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