Cynthia Tabeau Pritchard

The Child Factor

An International Art Exhibition

(February15 through September 15, 2021)


I am a New Hampshire artist working in acrylic paints and inks. I cultivated an interest in art and music at an early age, playing the piano and sketching throughout my life. More recently, I developed an appreciation for abstract art. The inspiration for my art comes from poems or films that influence me, the color palettes of the great masters, and my travels.

I have been selected for several juried events in New England. In addition, my work has earned recognition in various online venues, garnering several Honorable Mention, Special Merit and Special Recognition awards. I have taken art and sculpting courses at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and I am a member of the Cambridge Art Association and the Manchester Artists Association.


Art is a very powerful medium, so powerful, in fact, that it can release endorphins and actually change brain waves. This impressive effect on the viewer is a consideration often on my mind while painting. My intent is to draw the viewer in, through the use of light, color and movement, striving to evoke a positive response with my work. I use colors that complement one another and add light to create interest and inspiration. When I begin a piece, I usually have a broad concept in mind but allow myself to be open to adjusting it as I work, letting the brush and canvas lead me on the journey. My technique includes brushwork, palette knife, pouring, and gestural painting.

Stolen Innocence

The piece depicts the innocence of childhood being robbed by a malevolent predator, bathed in darkness and blocking out the light.

Cynthia Tabeau Pritchard

United States


This abstract piece depicts Michael the Archangel fighting the evil forces who attack children.


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