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Charles M. Doss

The Child Factor

International Art Exhibition

(February15 through November 15, 2021)

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Charles Doss was born in Lancaster, Ohio in 1958. Attending Ohio University, he studied fine arts and graphic design, eventually moving to Northern California to work professionally as a designer and illustrator. Throughout a professional career of over 35 years, he won numerous awards while periodically working within the framework of fine arts, showing occasionally. Since recently retiring, he now dedicates more time pursuing fine arts. Having worked for so many years within the confined restraints as an illustrator, Charles now thrives on the spontaneity of working uninhibited and free, generally within the framework of drawing and mixed media. Obviously, many elements of design still apply. Only now the excitement is in breaking the rules that he once had to live by.

Too often, it is easier to close the door, turn up the TV and pretend that "all is right with the world". The fact that you don’t hear it, doesn’t mean any child isn’t crying out. Open the door. Turn down the TV, and listen. Be aware, and act. Act for those that cannot act for themselves.

I felt driven immediately to create this after being introduced to this exhibit. The piece itself materialized surprisingly as visualized. And for me that’s a rarity.



Every child is innocent. Any child is at risk. There are no excuses.

Charles M. Doss

Charles M. Doss

United States

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