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Bob Tomolillo

The Child Factor

International Art Exhibition

(February15 through November 15, 2021)

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Born in Cambridge Mass. Bob began his career during the burgeoning of the print workshop. Bob worked in Boston and the Netherlands as a professional printer. His lithographs are included in major museum collections here and abroad.

The Painting submitted was created during the last few months of home confinement in 2020. Raphael's painting of the Sistine Madonna, 1514 ,was an inspiration for my work . Cherubs depicted in the lower section of the painting have inspired artists throughout the ages. Raphael created the images of the cherubs from two children he saw looking out a window. The images of the children transcend the real world and become facilitators of Raphaels spiritual dream. Children are perfect examples of mans innocence and vulnerabilty. The curious naive facial expressions of the cherubs embody mankinds potential for learning and understanding .I chose to use oil paint on a large format 36x48" canvass to juxtapose a traditional realist rendering of the cherubs against a free form abstract composition melding the two styles within a unified narrative.

Raphaels Cherubs Pondering The Abstract

Raphaels Cherubs Pondering The Abstract

The cherub child-is curious, innocent and guardian of knowledge.

Bob Tomolillo

Bob Tomolillo

United States

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